Realtor sells sexy lifestyle

… and I thought Realtors only sold homes ..

… at least while they were "on the job" – seems like Ms Peters is pushing the envelope.

That's her eating the icecream – click the link just above to watch the video.

Update 10/16/10 – The video has been taken off the page on the Peters site.

Update 10/29/10 – Video is back up. Take a look before it comes off again?

Is this an acceptable way to market homes? Would you try it?

Let us know!



  1. says

    First of all, I couldn’t get the video to que up, so I only saw the still picture. With that said, I think we can acknowledge that sex has been used in real estate marketing for a long time now. This ad just takes it to the next level (along with cars, burgers, fashion, etc. etc etc.). Haven’t we all seen flyers, business cards and even web sites where the agent (usually a woman, but not always) is seen in a sexy “glamour” shot? Haven’t we all heard the comment, “It looks like that agent is selling more than real estate.”?

    Don’t get me wrong. As a Realtor, I don’t condone using sex to market property. I must, however, give Ms. Peters her due. The goal of marketing is first and foremost; GET THEIR ATTENTION. She certainly accomplishes that task! We’re talking about it! Now that she has her audience’s attention, it will be interesting to see if she is able to turn them into buyers and sellers. Will she become a “top tier” agent, or will she become a joke and a “punchline” in her primary market. Time will tell.

    Fred asked me to add this to his comment after reviewing the video:

    This is VERY GOOD marketing. She has segmented the market, and selected her target audience… then created a very “hip & edgy” site to attract that very audience. My wife/partner and I did, however, have a disagreement as to who the intended audience is. I said it is affluent Gen X and Millenials who want to enjoy the advertised lifestyle. She thinks it’s middle aged men who want a pretty young agent to come list their home… and then sell it to the aforementioned. Either way, I think it is likely to prove very successful.

    • says

      I agree the Brokerage has the consumers attention, just don’t think you or I would put our wives up for those sort of poses and shots!

      (The Peters are a husband and wife team running a brokerage with some other agents on board)

  2. Sylvia Metos says

    Obviously, the main objective of any advertising campaign is to gain a buyer’s/seller’s attention. A beautiful woman, sitting on the floor of an upscale kitchen certainly achieves this. Although the text informs the reader that it’s a real estate advertisement, the picture has nothing at all to do with a home. Yes, sex does sell. However, such imagery is demeaning to Realtor women and makes our clients think that we’re incompetent

    I feel that this advertisement is in poor taste!

  3. Melody Reveron says

    I think it’s perfectly okay to look nice, present yourself well BUT PROFESSIONALLY. This ‘lady’ has crossed the line & disrespects all real estate professionals everywhere….

    I didn’t even try to open the video–DON’T WANT TO, and neither would any of my clients…..

    Who cares—don’t give her anymore media attention….I’ve worked too hard to present myself professionally, yet friendly and she undermines all that with their tasteless stance….

  4. says

    While I personally would not use marketing like this, the Peters do seem to have their target audience firmly in mind. They state that “lifestyle imagery has been proven to sell homes faster, even in a tough economy.” Really? I would be interested to see the data that supports that claim.

  5. says

    I went to this site. It’s not “selling” what you are suggesting. It’s simply selling a lifestyle of luxury. The pic is taken out of context. Selling an experience really is a good way to sell, not just a house. Google the site and see what it is before casting judgment.

  6. katherine says

    Let me think… NO! I would definitely not “advertsie” this way. Besides, with my body, people would switch it off immediately!!! HA! Anyway, I think it is in poor taste. Just by the verbage it would appear that the plan to sell your house is to put this sexy blonde in all the pictures. Sure, some people will look at them, but you don’t really see anything about the house other than that there is a big tub and/or a kitchen or staircase period. Have no idea how this would work for an average 1200 sq ft home!!

  7. says

    Good point. But if you watch the entire video, it makes more sense instead of just looking at one picture out of 30. Most beer commercials are worse these days (probably a bad example). Ok, not saying that I would do it or that I agree, but the marketing angle is unique and I applaud them for stepping out of the boring box and doing something different.

  8. says

    Of course I watched from end to end @Ron, not hard for a man to do!

    But here is the thing – I have learned in the decades spent working with buyers, that it’s the wife that almost always makes the buying decision. Because if she is not happy it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

    With that in mind will this marketing focus actually turn into bankable sales?

  9. says

    Will it turn into bankable sales? Good question. Only they can answer that. As long as they are targeting ther niche, maybe. As I stated, it’s not something that I personally would do, and I don’t think the video is really all that great. It will, however, turn into more bankable sales than those that don’t implement ANYTHING.

  10. says

    Personally, I don’t have a problem with it b/c all of the photos seem to be in good taste (I know all of the women reading this, including my wife, will say, “men!”). They seem to have found a niche that like this “lifestyle theme.”

  11. says

    Personally I don’t have a problem with it. From the links I could view on the site I can’t even gather that this lady IS the real estate agent. Honestly, it gets a bit boring to see homes marketed as “a cute charmer with 3 bedrooms and hardwood floors”. At least this agency is helping their target market (apparently rich young singles or couples) imagine what it would be like to live in a home like this.

  12. Luie V. says

    No wonder most ‘you not making any munny… you market like realtards.. The ad in question is a winner!!! Case in point, look how many of you (and now me) are sitting here commenting on it..

    A picture of a middle aged librarian with glasses and dressed in flannel would probably not have drawn any attention… which is probably what happens to most of you all’s drabby ads!! But hey… if it’s not working for you, just keep doing it some more… maybe in another 20 years it ‘ll work.. like farming and “free market analysis” postcards :-

    • says

      @Luie V – the video I was referring to was on Ms Peters site, not mine, accessed from a link ABOVE the image.

      The video has since disappeared from the site, so one must wonder if they had second thoughts about the project ….

      I have added an update so all can see.

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