I want to learn how to use Facebook & Twitter

Want to get in on the Social Media Revolution?

Realtors have heard about Facebook, Twitter and all the other sites that cater to interaction with the new consumer.

They understand the benefits but don’t know where or how to start.

Here is a list of tutorials that will get you started. Once you have completed reading through the content of this list you will be an expert!

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* The impact of Social Media

* Social Networking for real estate explained


  1. * Don’t want to blog? Try Twittering instead
  2. * Social Media Is Not a Fad
  3. * Should you Twitter your listings?
  4. * Twitter Tools for Realtors
  5. * Twitter Rocket, will it work in real estate?


  1. * Facebook friends lists, how to use
  2. * How to create Facebook pages
  3. * Facebook Report just released for Realtors


  1. How to use video in your blog posts

Free registered members get access to all this premium content too:

  1. How to sign up for hosting
  2. Using Google for research
  3. How to make your real estate blog look like a website
  4. How to install WordPress
  5. How to install your theme
  6. How to customize the template
  7. How to install plugins & configure widgets
  8. How to tweak WordPress
  9. How to write copy for the web
  10. How to format a page or post
  11. How to become a local Celebrity
  12. How to optimize trackbacks
  13. How to drive traffic to your site
  14. How to Utilize Pay Per Click
  15. How to use Google Analytics
  16. How to profit from RSS feeds
  17. How to react to plagiarism
  18. How to Tweet for business
  19. How to manage a Virtual Assistant

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I want to learn how to use Facebook & Twitter

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