2 different ways to write a real estate biography

Lets face it most Realtors biography pages suck …

… either it’s badly written, full of #1 this and top that, yuk …

Some time ago we wrote about writing effective biographies for real estate agents – the post get’s a lot of search hits from Google so we thought it needed an update ..

To write an effective real estate bio you have to figure out which triggers you can cock in a consumers mind when they take the trouble to click over to your biography page, after all there must be some interest for that action to have taken place.

What can you put in a real estate bio?

Properly written you could give a warm and fuzzy feeling about your capabilities and come off as a real person, one who can actually help them achieve their goal or dream of home ownership either as a first timer or even as a multiple home owner.

To make our point here are a couple of examples of actual bio’s of professionals who had the courage to take our advice and use something a little different.

Susana and Patty had a site constructed and written for them previously (what we would call a brochure site – sic) – here is the about page the usual stuff right?

Here is the about page on a site we set up for them using WordPress and the Thesis theme, where we reworked the bio’s for both of them: http://luxurylajollahomes.com/about-susanna-patty. We still did the #’s stuff – but put it at the end, with their skill sets of language and reputation in the community being highlighted to the fore.

Unfortunately the site is no longer up – all that effort gone to waste :-(

Or just go for it and do something radical ;-)

Kirk is an interesting guy, full of energy and in the mortgage business, a prime candidate for lot’s of video’s. We created a very custom WordPress/Thesis combination site for him to showcase his abilities and video’s.

So we encouraged him to really lean out and try something completely different both on the home page: http://sandiegoloanexpert.com/ where we went for transparency in a letter form …

…. and we really went for it on his about page: http://sandiegoloanexpert.com/about-kirk-bonham-san-diego-mortgages where we emphasized his financial skills.

So there you have it, two quite different but we think appealing concepts that would answer the million $$ question in the consumers mind – “What’s in it for me”.

What’s your take? Did we inspire you to rewrite your bio?


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  1. says

    Interesting site but I find it quite ironic that the author of this article on a good bio has a grainy headshot that makes him look scary.

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