Attract more clients, stop repelling them!

Do you attract real estate clients like a magnet?

How about your blog, are you actually attracting buyers and sellers with it?

How to find real estate buyers!

During the past 7-8 years it has become crystal clear to me that there are two types of Realtors:  those who seem to attract clients from nowhere and those who struggle to find 2-3 clients a year no matter how hard they work.  

So, does the first type of Realtor just love prospecting or does the second type just hate prospecting?

In my experience almost everyone hates prospecting for real estate clients, but I suppose there are a few weirdo’s who love to annoy the masses at their home by cold calling or door knocking them.  But I doubt these folks remain in the first type of Realtor category that long.

So what is it that the first group does to seemingly attract home buyers and sellers out of thin air?

This is interesting… they have redefined "prospecting" so that it isn’t attached to a negative emotion or feeling.  This top producing group of Real Estate Professionals have mastered the skills and mind-set necessary to market themselves in a way that naturally attracts friends, prospects, clients and referrals.

But how do they do it?

Top producers focus on attracting clients by providing value first and foremost.  This can only be done when you shift your mind-set from:

  • "How can I get a new client today?"

TO ……

  • "How can I provide value to those who are searching for it?"

It’s not our fault though – this industry doesn’t  really teach Realtors about the "law of attraction".  The big name real estate coaches aren’t much help either. 

Trust me I have bought into just about all of them and they do a great job at selling their products, what they don’t do a great job at is making Realtors successful. 

But that’s a whole other blog post.  Or rant? The question you need to ask yourself is:  Are you attracting business or prospecting for business, or even repelling prospective clients?

istock_000002919068xsmallProspecting is hard work and provides very little results for the average person.  This is why most of us never mustard up the courage to do it consistently and very very few ever master the skill of prospecting.

The majority of Realtors can actually burn out before finding success prospecting and ultimately quit or get out of the business with nothing to show for it. Everyone tells us that real estate is a numbers game!

You know the drill…your coach or broker tells you that you have to make so many phone calls to make X contacts and for every X contacts you will make an Appointment and for every X appointments you will get a Listing Agreement, blah, blah, blah …

This is a tough way to make a living!  Don’t get me wrong, it does work and real estate definitely can be viewed as a numbers game. 

However, I prefer to view real estate as a relationship business. If you want to cultivate some excellent relationships and start attracting clients like the top producers do then you need to start thinking, acting and working like they do.  Here are a few tips:

  • Always ask yourself "How can I contribute to this person, this group, this community, etc …?"
  • Become an expert on your niche market
  • Use your blog to provide up-to-date content: facts, statistics, research, fun tips, etc.. for your readers
  • Love what you do, in fact be passionate about it
  • Focus on solving problems for your clients
  • Always provide more than your client expects
  • Master your follow up

If you havn’t watched "The Secret" yet you must be one of the few on the planet who hasn’t!  Maya Bailey discusses how the Law Of Attraction relates to real estate and here are the top 50 blog post on the Law Of Attraction.  


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