Too many Real Estate Agents fail – will you be one of them ?

I got my real estate license, now what?

Every day people from all walks of life enter real estate, with big dreams and great expectations. They are beautifully trained on how to pass the licensing test, but can they sell real estate?

Unfortunately way too many agents fail –

– between 75% and 90% agents in their first year. All that time and effort gone to waste :-(

They fail because they don’t have a plan or the right training, or because they are afraid to ask for help. They fail because they don’t value their time, neither does the consumer. Many just give up because they run out of money.

It really does not need be that way …

… with sensible advice, those who can learn and adapt will succeed, where too many others have failed in the past.

So we wrote a special 34 page eBook –

“I got my real estate license, now what?”
A Plan for Fast Track real estate career success PLUS an accompanying 10 page workbook to bring it all together.

And we are giving it to you for FREE –

It’s a plan that works, a plan that guides agents step by step. Some of the highlights you will learn in the eBook:

  • Why every newbie needs a good Mentor
  • How to easily qualify your next potential client
  • Dirty industry secrets a Broker won’t tell a rookie
  • Working your sphere of influence and Facebook friends
  • The easiest and lasting way to build a funnel of referrals

The eBook also stands up well as a refresher course for more seasoned professionals, those that might have lost their way. You can read a sample chapter at the bottom of the page.

Oh and BTW, you are going to save a whole load of time and stress, by having a plan that will guide you, step by careful step, to success!

Real Estate sales have huge income potential for those that do succeed. Many of those in the top 10% of the industry are earning well into the six figures – enjoying the American dream, no matter what the market is doing.

It’s really OK if your sales skills don’t come naturally, they can be learned, behavior can be adapted and with the right plan you have a real chance of success.

But it’s way too easy for rookies to fall by the wayside – some getting into silly bad habits like sleeping in, long lunches or “working by the pool” …

So, please don’t waste another moment thinking – sign up here for access to your free copy:

Need more information?

The 34 page eBook covers the whole spectrum of the tools for success:

A reality check

      • Why do 75% of Realtors fail in their first year?
      • An appreciation of a successful agent
      • Assessing aptitude for a career in real estate
      • Personality profiling for real estate agent
      • Dirty industry secrets a Broker won’t tell a rookie
      • Another unpalatable truth – the 10-90 rule

When to get help

      • Seek out a mentor and asking for help
      • Qualify every potential client

Choosing your market

      • The very first step to success is creating a “niche
      • You should know who your potential clients are

 Become that expert

      • Do your homework and research your market
      • Getting to know the inventor

 Plan to Succeed

      • Now is the time to create your written Marketing Plan
      • Budgeting and targeting for success

 Optimizing Online

      • Creating your online presence and Facebook page
      • Content Marketing and sharing your knowledge
      • Writing a consumer focused Realtor bio or “About Me”

 Launch yourself

      • Work your sphere of influence and Facebook friends
      • Meeting the locals
      • Your ongoing plan and implementation

 How to earn quality referrals

        • Leave a lasting impression of brilliant execution

Where to go from here …

        • Links to more resources

Read a sample chapter –


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