Contact Mgmt Systems for Realtors

Which Contact System do you use for your Real Estate Business?

Recently we polled our Facebook Fans to see what CRM systems they were using as a platform for their real estate marketing endeavors, see what they have to say …

CRM for RealtorsI was quite surprised at how many systems were being used, to be honest I was under the seemingly false impression that Top Producer had this market all locked up.


Here are the systems Facebookers are using …

CRM systems used by Realtors
Top Producer: 17%
MS Excel  8.6%
MS Outlook      4.3%
My Red Tools 4.3%
ACT  21.8%
Agent Office 8.6%
Megafy    4.3%
MS Outlook add-ons 8.6%
Goldmine 4.3%
Salesforce   4.3%
Wiseagent   4.3%
Maximizer 4..3%

You can see the actual results on our Facebook page

Our goal behind asking this question to our Facebook Fans is simple … we want to encourage and promote sharing information among the Real Estate Community, we want to be your trusted source of up-to-date and relevant resources. 

We understand that our industry is inundated with vendors selling us crap and how easy it is to be lulled into buying stuff that either does not work or fails to live up to expectations …

… So we are making our best effort at giving you fair and unbiased information, knowledge & experience from your peers who are actively working in today's market.

Stay tuned for an indepth review on these different contact management systems.



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