Writing a consumer focused Realtor biography

How to write a consumer focused Realtor bio or “About Me” for your real estate site.

This is the very best way to introduce yourself to potential real estate clients – a chance to showcase your background, experience and expertise in your chosen niche.

Please review the video before writing!

Master tip: Your Realtor bio, or biography is the equivalent to your online resume, so make it about what you can do for the home buyer and seller.

BTW Self promotion in the form of “I am #1 this, that and the other should be left out please!


1. No more than 300 to 400 words. Your real estate biography should only be a few paragraphs and kept to one page or less, left justified makes it easier to read and skim.

This post has 445 words.

2. Third person? Always write your biography in the third person. That is, refer to yourself by your name or she/he. Example, “Felix specializes in the communities of …”

3. Make it brief. It’s not just about what you do, visitors will also want to know who you work with – they might want to work with you to! So include a sentence or two about your niche (or niches) as well as the types of clients you serve.

Think “30-second elevator pitch”.

4. Realtor Designations and Organizations. Briefly name the real estate organizations, clubs, or professional designations/associations to which you belong. Please spell them out – no-one outside our industry really knows what CRS stands for.

5. Published? If you have written any real estate related articles or books mention them, this will add to your credibility.

6. In the Media recently? Were you mentioned or featured in a newspaper article about your local real estate market? Visitors might want to know – they add to your credibility. Same goes for TV or radio appearances.

7. Contact me. Often missed is the opportunity for the visitor to contact you right off the page, so make sure all your contact info is right there, include your name, company, address, telephone, fax, email, and website address as the last paragraph of your Realtor bio.

8. Write, rewrite, and rewrite. Once you have crafted your bio, edit, edit, and edit again. Eliminate extra words, use descriptive words. Get your friends to comment as well.

We have added an update to this page with a specific example

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