10 Ways to Attract Buyers to your real estate blog

I am not sure which concerns me more;

The fact that so many agents tell me they don't get any traffic to their site or the fact they are excited by the website company's guarantee of 60 leads over 2 months.

Getting consumers to visit your site isn't rocket science!  Check out this screen shot from Google analytics for our site, more than 14,000 page views the past month which is more than 400 page views per day. 

For us that translates into a lot of signups for our Platinum Membership, free 7 day eCourse and our social media mentoring, but the shocking thing is that this isn't even that good if you want to be real honest about it. We are working on it though!

But who cares how many people visit our site; isn't that what you are thinking?

Hhhmmmm, we thought so :-)

So how do you tweek up your real estate marketing to attract more visitors to YOUR site?

Here are 10 tips that we believe should make all the difference to your traffic – it's all about attracting visitors.

  1. Post a status update on your Facebook page with a link back to a post or article on your blog. Do this at least 2 or 3 times a week.
  2. Tweet about something related to your niche to attract your Twitter followers back to your blog post or page. Do this at least 2 or 3 times a week.
  3. Post a Craigslist ad for one of your listings.  If you don't have a listing, borrow one from an agent in your office or a friend. At least one a week.
  4. Duplicate your Craigslist ad on Backpage.  For that matter, place an ad on every online classified page that allows it.
  5. Upload property or community videos to your Youtube account and link them back to your blog. Preferably at least once a week. Buy yourself a flip
  6. Leave a comment on an authority blog.  Most comments allow readers to click over to the commenters blog.  If you are adding value to the conversation & engaging other comments you will be very likely to click through to your site. 
  7. Set up an account at Posterous and use this to post daily or weekly photo  upates that link back to your blog and Facebook
  8. Setup your blog RSS feed to automatically feed into your Facebook Notes and then use the Facebook "Tag" feature to tag your friends, clients and prospects.  This strategy will encourage those that you have tagged to leave a comment … thus creating a conversation and most likely click throughs to your blog.
  9. Spend a few minutes every other day answering consumer questions on Trulia.  When answering questions, be sure not to sell yourself and services.  If you answer the question and provide value, consumers will naturally click on your profile to learn more about you.

        10.  Incorporate a Call To Action (CTA) on your offline marketing pieces. 

Tip: Do NOT just put your website address, you want to use your   CTA to direct people to a specific page or post. 

This is good landing page strategy!

Use a link shortener like bit.ly or budurl to track the success of each online link or advertisement you experiment with.  Quick note, Craigslist will not allow you to use link shorteners :(

Do these tasks and your website traffic will improve!

Do you have any other suggestions? Stuff that's worked for you?



  1. says

    Couldn't agree more with #9.  " be sure not to sell yourself and services"
    Although I am guilty of it myself, nearly every lead that I have gotten from Trulia was just an 'observer' who followed my link through to my site and learned more about me from there.

    • Drew Burks says

      Aaron … thanks for the comment. That is so awesome what you shared, I hope people read your comment and follow your footsteps. Have a great week.

  2. says

    Neat suggestions and just the tip of the  huge list of regular daily events you need to perform. Blogging and content is huge. Videos in our marketing of property and the community has worked wonders too. Thanks for the post..will follow your posts.

    • Drew Burks says

      Thank you Andrew… we appreciate your comment and of course for reading our blog :) Let us know if we can support you in anyway. Feel free to share your ideas with us and our readers. Have a great week. ~Drew

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